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Jag Mandir in Rajasthan in India

Nicknamed as the lake garden palace, the Jag Mandir Palace is one of the most distinctive monuments of Rajasthan in India. It took around a century to be constructed, from the middle of the 16th century to the middle of the 17th century. However, the result is quite remarkable. Many tourists who travel to India are keen to explore such monuments.

The palace was named after Jagat Mandir, the last Maharana of India. The kings of king’s royal family, as the Maharana used to name themselves, used to visit the Jag Mandir Palace during the summer for leisure. It is today one of the major highlights of Rajasthan included in many travel packages to India.

In fact, the palace consists of three establishments. The first is Gul Mahal which was constructed as a refuge for prince Khurram. The Jag Mandir Palace of course is the main and centerpiece of the whole complex. It is featured with many marvelous architectural and decorative features. The palace welcomes several tourists who spend their vacations in India.

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