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Plovdiv in Bulgaria

Away from being one of the largest economic and cultural hubs in Europe, Plovdiv is in fact the oldest human settlement in Europe. Historical records assert that there was human life in the city more than 7000 years ago. Today, many tourists who spend their vacations in Bulgaria are keen to explore the monuments of Plovdiv.

Located on the banks of the River Maritsa, the fertile soil of the city provided stability for civilization thousands of years ago. This is in addition to the buildings and residences established on the mountains of the city.
The most famous monuments of Plovdiv include the Roman theatre. Constructed in the 1st century AD, this is one of the best and most preserved of its kind all over the world. The theatre welcomes hundreds of tourists

who spend their vacations in Bulgaria.
Other historical sites of the city include the Plovdiv the ancient stadium, the Historical Museum, which hosts various displays of all periods, Hisar Kapia, and the Ethnographic Museum.

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