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Sassi in Italy

Sassi is one of the most distinctive historical sites and landscapes of Italy. These many houses are proved to be established more than 9000 years ago. They were the very first sign of human establishments in Europe. Today, several tourists who spend their vacations in Italy would explore Sassi.

Another marvelous factor about the houses of Sassi is that they were dug inside the rocks of the mountain. Featured with its matchless styles and layouts of architecture, some of the roads in Sassi were positioned above houses in scenes travelers who spend their vacations on Italy wouldn’t find anywhere else in the world.

What’s even more fascinating about Sassi is that there are no clear evidences of who exactly began these settlements. Until the 1980s, no tourists really visited the area. However, afterwards, especially when it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a large number of vacationers who tour Italy started visiting Sassi.
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