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The Music of India

 As everything in the country is diverse, India enjoy a huge variety of music styles, instruments, and habits, both ancient and some quite contemporary tunes.This ranges from the simple tunes of the devotion to the Hindu religion to the most sophisticated types of the music of Bollywood. Many travelers who tour India are fond of the music of this magical destination.

Among the most significant types of Indian music is the classic music of Northern India. This type of music is popular and would be easily recognized by many tourists who travel to India. It is famous for its simple yet charming hand drums and expressive tunes.

In the other side of the country, the Cornatic music in the south is also remarkable. It is famous for its simple humming and primitive instruments that are quite appealing. Music is one of very interesting factors tourists who spend their vacations in India are keen to explore.

Moreover, all over the country, there are many various types of folk music. These folk tunes are spread from Bengal, Rajasthan, to Punjab. These regions welcome many travelers who spend their vacations in India.

On the other hand, the musical films of Bollywood became extremely popular all over the world due to its wonderful music and magnificent performances and songs. A visit to Bollywood is quite recommended for travelers who come from all over the world to enjoy a tour in India.

The concept of Raja, which is a simple tune or mode, highlights most of the Indian classical music. Each song or tune in the raja is associated with a certain type of mood or atmosphere. Raja is a concept of life, as many philosophers define it and tourists who travel to India, especially those who are into philosophy are interested to know more about it.

It is fascinating to know that, for example, the classical music of Northern India, has more than 200 rajas, each with its own characteristics and moods. As a matter of fact, one single raja is used all over the whole piece of music giving it its own special unique character.

It is even more interesting to understand that each raja is linked to a specific period of the day. One for the early morning, before or after dawn, just before afternoon, the period that follows afternoon, early evening, and late at night. Each of these types of rajas has its own features that consistent in every tune. A number of travelers who tour India enjoy learning some simple musical instruments during their visits to India.

Classical northern Indian musicians are famous for their improvisations. However, these improves are carried out according to quite strict limitations as they have to improvise but abide by the specific raja of their tunes. The classical Northern Indian music grab the attention of many travelers who tour India.

Each of these tunes usually have a unified background of music commonly played by tempura, a traditional Indian simple musical instrument. This is among the factors that makes musicians and listeners identify the raja and the type of music.