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The Sarnath Ashoka Pillar

The Sarnath Ashoka Pillar or the Lion Capital Pillar is one of the most popular sculptures in India. This piece of art that consists of four lions standing back to back became the official emblem of the country around 70 years ago. Today it is one of the major highlights many tourists who travel to India are keen to explore.

The pillar was in fact established by Emperor Ashoka around the middle of 3rd century BC at the entrance of a significantly important Buddhist temple. Being around 2.15 meters tall, the pillar is the most impressive around many other columns that remained in this historical site. Several tourists who spend their vacations in India visit this ancient Buddhist temple.

The most magnificent part of the Sarnath Ashoka Pillar, its capital, was made out of one piece of sandstone. It has four Asiatic lions featured. No one would have ever imagined, when the pillar was built more than 2300 years ago, that this wonderful sculpture would be the national emblem of India one day.

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