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Umaid Bhawan Palace in India

The Umaid Bhawan Palace is one of the most remarkable highlights of the city of Jodhpur in located in the region of Rajasthan. It is considered one of the largest residents in the whole world. The palace has more than 347 rooms with 8 huge dining rooms. Many tourists who visit India would love explore monuments such as Umaid Bhawan Palace in Rajasthan.

The palace was named after its founder; Maharaja Umaid and it the construction works of the palace started in 1929 and it was completed in 1943. Today the palace welcomes hundreds of travelers who enjoy their holidays in India.

The Umaid Bhawan Palace has a surface area of more than 26 acres. Today the palace is divided into many sections. The first is a Heritage Hotel managed by Taj Hotels. The second section is owned by one of the noble families of India which is Gaj Singh. The thirdand the largest section is a museum illustrating the history of the royal family and the whole region.

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