China Testmonial

Dear Value Client,

As you may know, a lot of hard work and effort must be done in order to ensure that you will have a successful trip. All of this hard work is a great pleasure to us when we receive your positive feedback. Thank you for taking the time to write to us about your wonderful and memorable experience.


Mar 19-28, 2010 (10 Day Affordabel China)

The trip to China certainly exceeded my expectations. It was both cuturally enlightening and intellectually stimulating.  I will break my feedback into categories rather than by location. HOTELS: The rooms Starr and I had were just fine throughout the trip. All 3 hotels had lovely lobby decors with Xian"s Grand New World making the best presentation. The breakfasts were OK with Shanghai being very good. TOURS: They were all good, comprehensive and exhaustive!  TOUR MANAGER: Dwan was very professional, very personable and very helpful.  He handled every detail, every question, and every situation with calm confidence.  Several times he either adjusted the schedule to accomodate the group and even added several activities not on the itinerary.