Monuments in Edirne

Although Edirne is among the less visited cities in Turkey, it is actually always worse a visit by tourists because of the many monuments and sites all over the lands of the city. This is the reason why some Turkey tours are tailored with a day to spend in the city.

There are many remarkable monuments in Edirne for everybody from all over the world to explore. Today we will highlight some of the most notable monuments of the city that are lately becoming popular among tourists spending their holidays in Istanbul.

The Mosque of Selimiya

The landmark and the most important highlight of Edirne, the Mosque of Selimiya is the most wonderful Ottoman mosque that was ever built and the most fabulous architectural achievement of Sinan Pasha, the artist of his generation.

The complex of the mosque includes a Madrasa, now serving as the home of the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts, a school, and a ceiled Bazaar. T
The mosque of Selimiya is the most visited monument of Edirne that is included in many escorted tours to Turkey.

This mosque was built by Selim II, one of the Ottoman Sultans, who ruled over Turkey. The construction work of the mosque started in 1569 and it was completed in 1575, one year after the death of its builder.

The most dominant feature of the mosque is its great dome that was built six cubic meters wider and four cubic meters deeper than that of Hagia Sophia, one of the most important highlights added to any Istanbul tour.

The mosque has four marvelous minarets that are around 84 meters long and each of them has three balconies. The two minarets in the North have staircases leading from one balcony to the other.

The sultan Loge is one of the most beautiful in Turkey. Supported by green and brown marble, it is richly decorated with colored Izik tiles. The loge of the sultan had a window in its Mihrab which used to open inside the open courtyard of the mosque.

The Minbar of the mosque is considered by many people to be the most beautiful in Turkey and the Mihrab is quite astonishing in its unique art. The mosque overall is a marvelous piece of art attracting thousands of tourists who spend enjoyable trips in Turkey.

The interior of the mosque is beautifully designed and built as the most marvelous piece of Islamic architecture. The octagonal shape of the mosque was able to support the huge dome and this enabled having more windows that provided the mosque with more light.

The Prince’s Island

Located to the southeast of Istanbul, these nine islands provide guests with a relaxing atmosphere away from the busy city center. Many Turkey private tours would include spending a day at leisure in the Princess’s Islands.

The most famous among these nine islands are Kinaliada, Burgazada, Heybeliada, and Buyukada. All of these islands offer a lot to their guests coming to spend their tours in Turkey.

These islands, that make marvelous one day trips from Istanbul, take their name from a palace that was built by Emperor Justin II in the lands of the island of Buyukada.

Afterwards, the islands were called the islands of the prince of “Prinkipo” in the year 569. In the period of the Byzantine, the islands were famous for being the place of the exile and the location of many monasteries.

Many rich residences of Istanbul, especially foreigners, started living in these islands in the 19th century when a regular ferry service went from Istanbul to the islands.

One of the famous mansions of the island of Buyukada is the one where Leon Trotsky lived in the period between 1929 till the year 1932.

This is besides Zia Gokalp, a famous nationalism who contributed in the establishment of the Turkish nation, who lived in the islands in the late Ottoman era.
The most attractive the largest island is the Buyukada Island that attracts many visitors who spend their vacation in Turkey due to its marvelous sandy beaches and distinctive Ottoman style of the architecture of houses.  The island is also where the historical monastery of Saint George was built in the Byzantine era.

Heybeliada, the second largest island hosts the former Naval High School that was established in 1942. Being less touristic than Buyukada, the island offers nice small beaches and amazing relaxing atmosphere.

The mountains situated to the Northern section of the island of Heybeliada hosts the Greek Orthodox School Theology that was constructed in 1841. The school never now is actually closed but the main library of the school is still open for visitors and it is truly remarkable.

Uludag National Park

The Uludag National park is located in one of the highest mountains of Turkey, a mountain that can claim the title of the Olympus. Many private tours to Turkey, especially in November would recommend to the guests to spend sometime in Uludag.

Being situated on top of a mountain that is around 2500 meters high, this place was believed to be the abode of god and in the period of Byzantines, it became a place where many monasteries were built.

After the Ottoman conquest of Bursa, Moslem dervishes occupied the monasteries that were located in that area. However, none of all this religious buildings and establishments remained until today.

It is always favorable to visit the Uludag National Park in the relatively hot days, as it will offer the guests with cool breathe and a nice chance of relaxing and wondering around.

This park is huge, being 670 square kilometers, of trees and woodlands. The main touristic season of the park is in November when the park becomes the main fashionable winter resort in Turkey.


This old village still holds the name of its founder, who resorted to Turkey in 1842 to escape from the Russians as they fought with the Turkish Ottoman army in the War of Crimean.

They resided in this village after they were exempted from paying any taxes as a return of their participation in the war.

The Poles came here, not like so many nationalities who settled in Turkey in seek of trading and working opportunities, to search for their freedom and free political expression. Some of the poles who fleet to Turkey even have converted to Islam and believed in the religion’s concepts and ideas.

Nowadays, Polonezkoy still preserves its historical magic reflected in many architecture of the past but it was transformed into a wonderful place for picnics or a relaxing weekend and most of the inhabitants of the village are Turkish today. Many travelers would include spending some time in the village as part of their vacation in Turkey.

Although many resorts and spa centers were opened in the village, many places still have the Polish taste, especially some restaurants that offer traditional Polish dishes that the village was once famous for.

A natural protected area was founded in Polonezkoy to stop any further development or building projects over the surrounding forests located at the edges of the village.  Some Turkey private tours can be booked to spend a lot of time in the less visited sections of the country.